Monday, 3 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 3

Log 3

Popped back home to check on the family before I go off on another adventure. You know I can't help thinking that when my wife got abducted by those bandits in the hills near White run that something happened, a bit more than she's letting on. Ever since that day there's been something not quite right about her. She can't seem to stand still for a start, and I mean even when she's standing still.  Shes constantly shuffling her feet like she has mini skeavers in her britches. Now it seems to be getting worse as she's taken to walking backwards when she thinks nobody is looking. Now I come to think about it, it was a bit odd, the place where I eventually found her was the same place that I had stashed my valuables while I'd investigated an old ruin. Will have to keep a closer eye on her I think. 
Anyway I've got to head back to Raven Rock and check out this tomb so I've asked my house Carl  Hedge or whatever he calls himself to watch her like a hawk while I'm away.

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