Monday, 3 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 5

Log 5

Hokay, sho perhapsh I shhoudnt have had lat lasst ale, but I knnoow I'm not halushanating when I Shay that iv hit their muvver loads! I've just found aladinsh cave, and itsh gotta be the bigished haul of golds I've ever sheen,thersh gold and chest fingiesh and cheasts, yep, wait I said dat, and gemsh and dewels. And a rough geush I'd sthay boy 20000 worth. I would be mush more chearfuls, if it went for the factsh that a shtupid porculis ring, (fing) has dropped and now I'm shtick in heresy and a can't get out. BUroorgh...that feels better. Worst than cath, I left the ales in the uvver rooms part..might just shit here and fink what todo nexth...

          I think I passed.....dam my head is banging like potion gone bad. Note to self, go easy on the Nord ale, its nice but has kick on it like mule.

          Anyway ,after downing a minor health potion I felt well enough at least, to assess my situation. They way back was indeed barred but another door leads forward. I have decided to bag up all the gold coins and level them here will I explore further in, I'm not lugging it round with me.

          Bagging that up took about an hour and I was knackered before I'd even started. Don't know how much was in there but it filled 27 large sacks. Its a good job I brought extra doggy bags. It was a short walk down to the tomb and I found myself fighting of the ghost of some aciant warrior dude and his rather persistent hoard of screaming maniacs. Theres three things you need to know about ghosts. A, their dead. B, they don't know their dead, and C, its hard to make them stay dead. Eventually they got the memo.
          Rather interesting, I found this neat scimitar on the alter thingy where the dudes burried and an almost identical one on his smouldering eathreal ashes, and when I hold them both at the same time they give of faint glow and send a strange tingle up my arms. It felt kind of neat but I'm not sure what its doing so will Get it looked at by a specialist. They have some squiggly writing on the blade which is pretty awesome,  Ooh their so light and..and...then I put them away before I did any perminant damage, if I haven't already.

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