Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 8

Dwarfs and their machines

           Sent Hedge to hire a cleaner who deals with the dead, while I tried explaining to the missis. They had a great time at the petting zoo and I was enjoying their recounting of the day when Hoaur, my son, dropped the bombshell that they had brought a pet. A baby Skeaver named Scratch. I've have one myself for about a year that lives in the basement, called Itch ( he's such a flea bag) but I keep my stash down there so he makes a great guard. Hoaur wanted one like dads but I laid down the rules straight away. I expect it house trained by the time I get back from my next job. Last time it was a pet oil spider, and when I came home from a job in Whistan pass, I found the whole family hanging from the ceiling. The missis never was very good at cleaning out the cobwebs lol. He is pretty cute though.
          Anyway, some guy called Suoe (sure that's a girls name) in the Retching Netch in Ravenrock has offered to pay me for every Rieklin scalp I bring him. God knows what he's going to do with them, I didn't ask, and I don't want to know. It is a good deal and my tribe of Rieklins back at Thirsk Mead Hall have been having a lot of trouble with the Moesring clan at the top of Mount Raven so its killing two birds with one stone.

          Half way up and the weather is drawing in. Not that keen on the snow but it does make it hard for things to sneak up on you And it does mean you can see the cack before you step in it.
            Well its taken me the best part of two days and I'm at the top. I would say the view from here is breathtaking but I'm too busy trying to catch my breath at the moment. The airs a bit thin and I've just dealt with some Rieklin.
           Looted everything of value that I can find,and believe me,that wasn't much and collected the Reiklin scalps, pretty disgusting task in itself if I'm honest,  but I can see why Suoe would be interested if he's some sort of weapon smith cos the Rieklins hair seems very feather like and could be made into excellent  fletchings. I might take one back with and have a fiddle myself. 
        Now this is really weird. One of the Rieklin dwelling seems to have been made out of some dwarvan piece of machinery. Now I know I'm on the top of a mountain, but it looks like some sort of steam powered boat,,,or maybe a flying contraption? Dwarf's and their machines.

          Sorted out the rest of the Rieklins. Actually their quite reasonable one you learn their lingo and do the voice, which is easy if you have a gold coin between your teeth when someone whacks you in the plums with a mammoth tusk. We sat around the fire and smoked their moonsugar pipe and made a deal. They offered me twice what Suoe had offered if i promised not to kill anymore of them and explained that the only reason they had gone down to the moonshine drinking rednecks at Thirsk Hall in the first place, was to get the snow shovel back that they lent them last winter. I promised I would get it sent back to them asap, gave them my email in case they wanted to order any moonshine, then before I left I took the guy with the mammoth tusk (or girl, its so difficult to tell), round the back and gave him what I like to call education in first aid.

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