Monday, 3 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 2

          Just spent the best part of an hour sorting out various items, I have shit loads, and making the manner more organised. To use the word anal would be an understatement. Oh my god I'm turning into Sheldon. 
          So back to Raven Rock for some more exploring. Just popped back to the skaal village to let them know that Miraak is no more. Frae has  been promoted to Shaman, what with her dad getting himself killed and everything, but she doesn't really want the gig and offered to join me on my adventures.I told her next time she's in Skyrim she should come see me, bless her little cotton shaman socks. Also gave Baldor another go. He's been ignoring me since I got the Stalhrim treasure map back for him. Maybe I did nick all the Stalhrim before I gave him the map but that's no reason to get the sulking ignoring face on...alright maybe it is but I really wanted him to teach me how to forge with this stuff. I went back the next day and I don't know weather its because I told him I wasn't interested in finding his stupid map or weather his missis had helped with the hammering that lunchtime, but his happy face was back and he told me the secrets of forging Stalhrim, even his wife was talking to me. Ahh happy days. Then I popped in their shop and nicked all their shit! I really don't like being ignored :)
Now this hippy historian Tharstan wants to meet me at Vahloks tomb for a bit of breaking and entering, sounds like fun. 

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