Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 11

Log 11

 On my way back to the manor, I wondered again about Adrienne's nervousness during my visit and couldn't help noticing on the way home that it seemed to be a common condition. Doors closed and windows shuttered as I walked through the sticks. The weirdest thing was that everyone seemed to stink of garlic.
When i finally got back home, i found Lydia having a Nymph summers party with a dozen of her lady friends and i found myself banished to the cellar to work on my smithing, as men aren't allowed to these sort of parties. i went quietly as i knew full well that i had a nice big stash of invisibility potions down there. All i can say is wow, what a great party!

Received a letter from Kharjo, an old friend from the Windscape branch of C.A.C in Dawnstar. I haven't seen him since last Morning Star, when i was working out some Evil villain problems for the head honcho in Ravenrock, when my steed, Shadowmere, went missing.
         Apparently he's staying at the Nightgate inn for the next month, and then him and some of the gang are going off cave exploring. There's a Smash, (Ancient tomb) in The Pale that they have heard rumours about. The letter didn't say much more, but I took it as an invite. It may not be an ancient cave, but even i can appreciate an ancient tomb, I used to be a fully paid up member of T.A.C.

Managed to legend up some Ebony, Elven and Dwarfen armour ready for the armoury, which Lydia (the wife) recons is turning into some sort of museum. Could be some money in that idea. I told her she could be an exhibit, that went down like an Iron balloon.

Had got my C.A.C grab bag ready, my weapons had been charged, sharpened, and I'd given Lydia her potion to try and help with her constant shuffling. I was just about to walk out the door when Atub, the head priestess from Largashbur paid a visit. Now i don't mind Orcs in general, and I know there was all that trouble in middle earth with Sauron and the trees and stuff, but I'm not so sure they had any other way to get the right to vote.
Anyway, she turned up as I was saying my goodbyes, on the scrounge for ingredients for their ritual to Malacath. I gave her the Deidra heart, Troll fat and BlackBriar white spirit, but I drew the line at letting her have Hoar (my son), for the blood letting, much as I'd like to be shot of the little brat for a while, and anyway, she said that a Coney would do the job just as well. Lydia insisted that I escort her back as its on my way, well actually isn't, but i have a dragon coupon that's good for one week, so I thought, what the hell.

A classic postcard of the Ritual at Largashbur

Have just made a pit stop at lake Honrich in the Rift after spotting a bit of trouble on the shore. Bit of a surprise as it turned out to be Mjoll. Haven't seen her since she was chief bridesmaid at my wedding. Me and Atub sat down and watched her dispatching half a dozen bandits single handed. She is just amazing, striking out, first with the sword then the axe. At one point she actually smashed one guys face with the blunt side of her axe as he came in from the left, while simultaneously delivering a mighty uppercut to a guy on the right with her dagger, grunting like a wild cat with every blow, that's why the C.A.C named her the lioness.
After we had caught up on old times, I explained about My escort duties, and about meeting up with Kharjo and the gang for a bit of smash and grab. She begged to come , in that deep husky Nordic voice, saying "She was itching for a good fight". I pointed out the bandits bodies sprawled around the camp site, but she just said "yes, but it wasn't a fair fight, they were bandits, and there were only six of them". Man, I love that accent.


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