Monday, 3 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 4

Log 4

          Weather has taken a turn for the worst out here and I didnt pack my thermals yet again. Good job Asyahh from Skaal talked me into buying his reasonably priced Pants of major frost protection otherwise something serious might have dropped off by now. Got lost on my way to plunder with the hippy and found An old lost Barrow. Well I say lost, there were a few bandits camping around its locked doors but fuckit, there just bandits and everyone knows that bandits are exspresly forbidden to loiter outside any ancient structure, especially Barrows. So I gave them a few warning shots in the head and then picked the locks and took a little peek inside.

Some dead Nord had been hidding out from the bandits in here, for quite a while by the taste of the ale that I prized from his cold dead fingers. That sure warmed up my cockles. The main chamber had caved in long ago but there was at least some Stahlrim to mine so not a complete waste of time.

          Busy mining away and keeping myself warm with Nord ale when the Stahlrim that I'm hacking away at collapses and blow me (that's not a request) if there isn't a secret passage behind it. Time to get a freak on and do what I do best. Ok , perhaps just a couple more of this guys ales and then I'll press on.

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