Monday, 3 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 7

Log 7

          Back at the manner with my last sack of gold and the missis has taken the kids to the petting zoo in Solitude for the weekend, so I'm having a sort out while Hedge, my house Carl, (his real names Privet) has gone out to see if he can round up some dancing girls. 

Half way through my inventory and I have 367 books in my personal library. I thought I'd skimmed through most of them, when I came across a book that I had locked away in the safe, the Oghma Infinitum. Its an awful book,the cover is made from the flesh of all races and it doesn't have any pictures so I hadn't bothered to look at I before. When I opened it I found it had magical runes which to cut a long story short, made some of my flab disappear, filled me with a schoomer like invincibility and I felt like I could still handle my weapon even if Id lost my right arm, cool.

Well its Sunday morning and the place is a bit of a mess from the debauchery last night. Hedge brought back five dancers, two Nords an Imperial, two very accommodating Khajiit named Fluffy and Skhatt and an Argonian that he sneaked off to cellar with in the early hours.
          Its the morning after the night before and the Imperial ,Nigella has offered to cook a fry up, the two Nord's are tidying the place up a bit and Fluffy and Skhatt are going to explain the rules of Khajiitium twister to me again.

          OK, lesson learnt. Do at some point in your lives get two delightful energetic Khajiits to teach you the finer Nuance's of  Khajiitium Twister, let Nigella serve you breakfast, it was lush. Keep an eye on Nord's, they ran off with my best fucking silver. And don't leave your house Carl Hedge alone in the cellar stuffing an Argonian. How was I to know he was an insane taxidermist.

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