Thursday, 6 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 9

Homes under my hammer

I do have some people to see and places to be this month but I really need to finish my building projects at the manor so I can move the rest of my stuff in and give my good wife a reason to not smack me upside my head with the ladle every time I walk through the door, so I'd better get to it.
I really don't understand it. I put a Lightning rune on the porch outside the front door with a big sign saying "NO JUNK MAIL" so WTF...

Now that I've cleared that up,. I've taken the rune down and replaced it with a bear trap, perhaps Pat will get the hint.
Now i can get back to work on the East wing Armory. When I've finished building, I'll try and give you a video tour of the manor.
Got most of the weapons racks in place and then one of the Thirsk hall tribe turned up for a surprise visit, surprise? I didn't even tell them where I lived. Apparently they are the worlds best trackers and I leave a trail that even a blind rabbit could follow. I've decided to call him Bob as his Raiklin name sounds something like the noise you'd make if you trapped your Hero credits in a bear trap, which is funny because I'm sure I heard the messenger calling his name this afternoon.

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