Monday, 3 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 1

Haoirs of a Dragonborn

Log 1

         I suppose an introduction is the best place to start. My name is Miewoud DoFitt, my farther had a sense of humour, my friends call me Hammerfist and the rest of the people of Skyrim call me Dragonborn. Their are a few ofcors who call me other things, but hey, you can't please everybody. I am a Nord and I was born at a small farm on the pale. I lived there till is was twelve when my parents were murdered by bandits and our farm burnt to the ground. I would not have survived myself it wasn't for a passing warrior who sent the murderous bandits down to meet the fiery one. He took me with him, to Dawnguard and as we travelled, he taught me the ways of the warrior, showed me how to hunt, to survive. He gifted me with a sword and taught me how to defend myself with it. He helped me to grow. When we arrived at Dawnstar, he left in the hands of one of his many lady friends. Madam Jasmin, at the house of ill repute. Then he left, no goodbyes. Jasmin became like a mother to me, i worked the bar and her girls taught me..many things and i became a man. 
          I became a bounty hunter, went to the college of Winterhold and got my B.A, Joined the companions and developed a strong appreciation for the full moon but we wont talk anymore about that at the moment. I was invited into the mysterious ranks of the nightingale where i learnt the arts of stealth and assassination, and, undercover, i burnt the dark brother hood to the ground. Finally i fulfilled my destiny and joined the Graybeards on High Hrothgar, who taught me the language of the dragons and the power of the Thu'm, an ancient magical projection of the voice. i became the Dragonbourne and searched the land of skyrim for ancient Thu,ms to learn. I became a member of C.A.C, cave appreciation society, and met Lydia who later became my wife. We adopted two kids and moved to Winstad Manor, a house that i had helped build many years ago. I'm semi retired now, but still a member off C.A.C and T.A.C, still do the odd bit of Bounty hunting, and the Imperial army are still bugging me to join their ranks.

          Now if i wanted to send someone information in the old days, id pay someone to be a Currier, or send a messenger crow, or at a push, id get my boots on and go and talk to them in person, all of which are time consuming. Then there was crystal balls, but there heavy, bulky, messages always get covered in mist and become hard to decipher, any bugger with a ball can see them, and i find them seriously confusing and over complicated. Ive managed to get by with Currier's for years, but Lydia, and the kids have been bugging me for ages now to get one of these up to date Crystal tablets. They say that as I'm away half the time, it would be a great way to keep in touch. I eventually gave in and one was delivered to me this week. Its flat and light so it will be easy to take with me when I'm off exploring, The soul crystals charge is good for twelve months, and i can use it for other things apart from messaging. I can record images with it, use it as a map to find out where the hell i am, and i can even order potions online. So its taken a while to get to grips with, but i thought id have a go at this blogger thing. Write down my adventures and record my days in Skyrim

My first picture with this thing. Now yes, i know ther's three pictures but i haven't yet worked out how to delete the other two. 

Poison damage ebony mail. Don't remember where I retrieved this from but couldn't use it as it kept giving my follower an immediate bout of the squits to the brink of death every time they invaded my personal space which usually meant being in the same room. Needless to say they wasn't impressed so in the end I dumped it in the foot locker back at the manor and didn't wear it again. 
Now however, I might take it out and blow the cobwebs from its noisy links and give it another try as I have just acquired the Companions insight  which should keep any follower safe even if they were grabbing my sweet rolls.

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