Monday, 10 March 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn - Log 10

Log 10

 Its happened again. Bob and me were working late into the night, and i was just showing him out when another dragon just dropped dead from the sky and landed on the front lawn. It smelt like it had been dead for a week. This is the tenth dragon to shuffle off its mortal coil and land in my yard and I'm beginning to wonder if I've built my house under some sort of Dragon Skyrim Triangle. Come to think of it, i did get given this whole piece of land for free when i spent over 60 gp at Widgets and fings. Mmmm... My missus recons it might be something to do with being Dragon born. I'm not quite sure what to do about it but I've sent Hedge out to hire someone from Pest control to see if there's anything that can be done.
I'm off to Whiterun tomorrow to get some more glass as I'm having to build a second armory. I Really have got a lot more artifacts, weapons and Armour than i realized. Some of this stuff is going to need cleaning, or carbon dating lol. So i need to draw up some plans and then I'm off round Kyten's for some band practice and a social this evening.
"Bug off" (pest control) have just left. He said that dragons are not really what he deals with and suggested i try a Mage. I'm that desperate i'll try anything at this point, they make such a dent when they hit the ground and I'm running out of places to bury them. I'll ask around while I'm in Whiterun tomorrow.

A classic shot of Dragonreach

The members of the Bannered mare cave appreciation club.
That's me, front right.

 Its been quite a few months since i went to Whiterun. It all started off so pleasantly. Bumped into Adrienne of Warmaidens and she seemed pleased to see me after all these months and yet nervous at the same time. I just put it down to her being star struck. It happens a lot when your dragon born, I've kind of got complacent about it now.
I stuck a big fat bag of coins in her charcoal smeared hands along with an order for a substantial amount of iron. Then Olfberth (Adrienne"s Partner), Walked in from out the back, gave me a look that said, "I have my suspicions about how my wife hurt her back when she went to the wedding at the Blue Palace, and it may have been a long time ago, but I'm the type of guy that likes to let these sort of things fester and then I can go a bit crazy".
I took that as my cue to leave as I've been that kind of crazy myself. Its angry and exhilarating, bloody, satisfying... and not without consequence, as the Whiterun guards very kindly explained to me while they dragged me across to the jails.
Over the next twenty days, flashes of a small drunken disagreement with half a regiment of Whiterun guards began to recount itself to my now, sober mind, and I remembered why I hadn't returned to Whiterun in a year and a half. I tried explaining that I was a Dragonborn and that I'd been the one who returned the Dragonstone, but they weren't that impressed. They told me they get x celebrities through the gates all the time and they "don't wanna go settin a president".
Why didn't I go to Falkreath. They like me there.

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