Saturday, 19 April 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn Log 18

Log 18

Well there is something to be said for having too good a time on the peach. Hooked up with an athletic imperial legate last night, not sure what her name is, in fact, apart from the peach i don't remember much. What i do know is that somewhere between taking her upstairs to show her my room, and waking up this morning, I've ended up being enlisted in the Imperial army along with Mjoll and several other patrons. I could tell them to shove it but the C.A.C has a moral code of sorts and i was going to have to join at some point, I'm fed up with them and the stormcloaks bickering all the time. 
Oh...apparently her name is Rikke and shes our Legate, that going to be awkward.

Just arrived at fort Hraggstad, i think their expecting us. Rikke and the rest of the troops drew there fire while i sneaked in through a secret backdoor that i used once when i smuggled out some prisoners and the chiefs daughter a long time back. After using my old Guild master skills to silently take out a few guards, i was able to open the main gates and the troops pored in. It felt great to be back in the midst of a proper battle again, to feel that surge of adrenalin that comes hand in hand with war. To have my skills challenged and stretched to their limits. This battle was no exception and me and Mjoll had to bail each other out of a tight spot a dozen times at least. The noise was horrendous and by the end there was not an imperial left standing that was not caked in the blood of the enemy, including me, i shall have the smell of stormcloak on me for days. Unfortunately one casualty was my horse Trumper, the little shit legged it, straight into the spiked barricades. 

We've celebrated our victory and cleared the fort of the dead, ransacked the keep and scoured through the stormcloaks paperwork, and it appears that Ullfric is looking for the legendary Jagged crown. So are going to get their first. Legate Rikke has been given orders to head for Korvanjuned when the reinforcements arrive in two weeks, so i have taken my leave and my red blooded lioness, to quickly pop across to this Dawnguard place and see what they can tell us about Dimhollow. We've agreed to to meet Legate at Korvanjuned by the the waxing of Suns Dawn.

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