Saturday, 19 April 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn Log 16

Log 16

The Hall of the Vigilant has been burnt to a crisp and it looks like a surprise attack, theres no survivors, not vigilant enough by the looks of it. I have to say they got on my tit a bit with their constant preaching whenever i bumped into them and although they've given me room and board a couple of times, they r seriously judgemental, and I'm pretty certain they would have killed me in my sleep if they`d have known i was a companion, if you get my drift. Having said that, i did feel kind of sorry for them when we searched through the carnage today.

More dead bodies in the basement. This seems to be the handy work of vampires, probably Volkihar but we cant be shore due to the fire damage. Golldir suggested we bury the bodies, with a second from Mjoll that we dry stake them first, lest they try to rise again.

Made our way up the narrow path to dimhollow this morning and just as i thought, it is a tomb of some sort, although were not going to know for a while as the way into its depths is blocked by a colossus cave in. Kharjo and some of the others are going to set up camp back at the hall of the Vigilants, while Golldir and Annekke crag-jumper jog back to Dawnstar and see if they can hire a mining crew.

See, steps. Not a cave. Looks inviting though.

While were waiting, we've decided to try and rebuild the Hall, it beats sitting around, and anyway, it`s always handy for fellow travellers if theres somewhere to rest up from the elements, its bloody cold up here. The next cave we explore, I'm going to make sure its somewhere tropical.

What a team. The Hall is half rebuilt, Ive personally manged to fix most of the furniture and Illia has managed to craft blankets and pillows. Golldir and Annekke are back  with half a dozen meagre looking miners, and they recon it could take as long as six weeks to clear the way and make it safe. We've talked extensively about this dimhollow and we know its a vampire haunt. There also seems to be some talk about it being some sort of prison but nobody is really shore so, me and Mjoll are going to pop back to Dawnstar ourselves and have a chat with Medenna in the white hall. She always knows something. Might pop in and see mum while I'm there, I'm in serious need of some pampering. 

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