Friday, 11 April 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn Log 17

Log 17

Madenna wasn't about so Mjoll suggested we ask at the Mythic Dawn museum, i know there not vampire hunters, but as the Vigilant are no more, were clutching at straws from here on in. On the way we bumped into Toevak Wayfinder, or captain Wayfinder as he is now known. Turns out his mum, Fraisal Wayfinder, pasted away last year and left him the business. His crew think he`s still a bit green to be captain, but that frogskin  potion he drank as a child is NEVER going to wear off so i think they re lumbered. Actually its sad but quite bizarre. Imagine the odds of a dragon attacking a town, the dragon is mortally wounded and falls to the ground, its tail hits a plank that has a bucket of nails on it that Johnna Groats has been using to repair the walls of Fraisel`s house that had been badly damaged by fire from the last dragon attack, a fire that Fraisal had barely managed to escape from. The dragons tail had slapped down on the plank, sending the bucket and its contents flying into the air. they'd landed at Fraisel`s feet as she was coming out of the farmhouse down the road where she was staying while the repairs were carried out. The noise startled a horse that was busy ploughing and it had bolted down the road. Fraisel had managed to dive out of the way, but the plough had snagged the hem of her dress, and dragged her 100 feet down the way before the stitching gave way and she came rolling to a stop. Shed escaped with only cuts and bruises but weeks later, and infection that originated in a wound caused by a nail that shed injured herself on in the incident, took hold and within days she was dead, it shouldn't be funny but Mjoll said that that dragon still nailed her.sorry.
Anyway, Toevak is looking for some cargo for Solitude, where theres a demand for Fine cut Voidsalts. I said id keep my ears and ears open.


The tour guide at the museum, i say museum, but its just a hut with some stuff in it really, called us a couple of idiots and said that this is a museum of the mythic dawn, and said the clue was in the sign hanging over the door. He was a bit of a weirdo actually, Scrawny and grey, reminded me of a hermit. He insisted on giving us a tour and when we said we didn't have time for that, he shoved coin in our hands and begged us to let him, as he'd been sitting in that chair waiting for someone to come in and ask for the tour for the last six months, and we're the first people to come through the door. To be honest i quite enjoyed it. The history was very in depth and my name was mentioned in some of the later chapters. Mjoll and i dressed up for some theme photos which were quite reasonably priced. We got to watch a Ghost of the Mythic dawn perform a sacrifice in a scenario down in the basement where there was also massive diorama in miniature of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, with little rats and everything. Their was a free mug of milk at the end and i brought the kids a Mythic Dawn action figure each, an ornament for Lidia, and Some Mythic wine for me and Mjoll to share later.

Me and Mjoll as the Mythic Dawn

Wilchin, the tour guide, said wed made an old man very happy and said that  although he didn't know much about vampires, the museums research had uncovered some information about the a word wall located there, and a subterranean lake that surrounds a stone ceremonial construction that some have called the Koldvault. He couldn't really tell us anything ells but he did direct us to Dawngaurd if we were desperate to know more. Apparently they know everything there is to know about Vampires. Its a bit of a trek, but Ive just had a message from the gang, on my tablet, saying the miners have stopped working and gone home. Something to do with the Miners union not allowing them to mine for three weeks from the 1st of morning star. I recon its no coincidence that the 1st signifies the beginning of the New Life Festival, that and the fact that all the taverns traditionally serve free ale at this time, so me and Mjoll double timed it to the Windpeak inn, to see if we could still get a room, before it gets busy...and before they run out of ale!
Boy! what a Night.

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