Saturday, 19 April 2014

Memoirs of a Dragonborn Log 15

Log 15

          Had a meagre breakfast as my stomach was a bit worse for wear this morning. I wasn't the worst of us though. She cant half put it away.

Just realised I may have inadvertently posted A message to the missus on my blog by 
Mistake, cant seem to delete it at the moment so please just ignore it. 

Been travelling for 5 hours now, and headed towards the Hall of the vigilant. Dimhollow is supposed to be a couple of hours from there. so we've stopped for a food break. We've  covered some good ground, passed the time singing limericks and playing "I went to shop in whiterun", I think we must all still be suffering from alcohol poisoning because it played out even more redonculouse than normal. This is what we ended up with.

I went to the shops in Whiterun and I brought, some Argonian Aphrodisiacs, a bushel of Blisterwart, a bent sword, some cabbages, some creamy mammoth cheese, a Dibella statue, Ebony arrows, a Fancy dress from Falkreath, Giants underpants, a bucket of Helgan weed, a holy moly, an irritating bard,  iron arrows, Jester stick or just a stick (were not sure), 2 Kinky Keflings, Volume One of The Lusty Argonian Maid with two pages missing, a bucket of cold water, Mara`s Bra, the Oghma Infinitum, a travellers guide to Whiterun, straw, Anti bandit bandages, a goat, Rjorn`s drum,   page 15 of The Lusty Argonian maid, the quill of Gemination, Rayya's Rampant Rabbit, Page 28 of the lusty Argonian maid, another bucket of cold water, a swaying spectral spook,  a bee in a jar, A sea in a jar, an eye in a jar, Svana far shields Chastity key, a jay in a jar, Pee in a jar, a fairies cue in a jar, Tea in a jar, an unofficial kingdom party invite, an official C.A.C. orgy invite...
That's as far as we got.

Just found out Jordis sword maiden got married last Mid Year, didn't stop her getting frisky in the field though, and I thought I was bad. Apparently the lucky fella is a Breton bard named Grave Dillmor that she met in Tamrial at the Tiber's day celebrations. Wed all had a standing bet with Farkas who reckoned shed be married within two years. Now we've had a sweep on how long it will last. I got 36 months

Theres been a lot of talk about Vampires this year, and i know that they are about although i haven't bumped into any in a long time, but the lanthropic hackles on the back of my neck have stood up a couple of times these last couple of months. There was no mistaking that feeling when we neared the hall of the vigilant.

There all dead!, stiffs, Bereft of life, they rest in peace, they've curled up their tootsies, they've shuffled off this mortal coil, all metabolic processes are inoperative, they fucking snuffed it.


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